Will Silverback Consulting repair my broken hardware?

Silverback consulting is a Business Consulting and Managed Security Service Provider. Although we regularly perform software troubleshooting, we are not a computer repair business. When workstations suffer hardware issues, we diagnose the issue and then work with 3rd parties (such as Dell Technical Support) to find a resolution.

How old of computer will Silverback Consulting support?

We support workstations and servers that are less than 5 years old. Anything over 5 years will require special assessment.

What other services does Silverback Consulting provide?

Our portfolio has a number of products and services in addition to VIP I.T. support This includes cloud backups for servers, workstations, and Microsoft 365, VPN configuration, Rogue Device Detection, Remote UPS Monitoring, as well as compliance for PCI, HIPAA, and CMMC Levels 1-3.

Is Silverback Consulting on available during business hours?

We have Extended Business Hours available at additional cost.

Siem solutions are 24/7

What equipment brands does Silverback Consulting work with?

We recommend and support Dell computers, Sonicwall and Fortinet network equipment, and APC power units. These are not the only brand devices that we will support though.

Can I buy computers and network equipment from Silverback Consulting?

Yes! We offer competitive prices for computers, servers, switches, firewalls, and uninterruptible power supply units.

Most importantly, our goal is making you business prepared for growth.

We know first hand that running a local business can be financially challenging, and you might not feel ready for the big investments that the world of technology tries to burden you with. Out intention when working with you is to make sure you feel comfortable about the solutions that meet your business’s needs. After all, we are here to grow alongside you.